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What is the E-Paper Vendor?

The E-Paper Vendor is a unique knowledge management and learning solution, designed to enhance your newspaper reading experience with smart access to the complete digital version of daily newspapers through your electronic devices.

The proliferation of digital technology has created unique opportunities for print media houses to eliminate printing costs and offer improved and convenient reading experience to readers across the globe with the complete digital version of their publications. A number of forward-thinking Executives and Managers in Nigeria and abroad have already adopted these electronic newspapers offered by the E-Paper Vendor and are enjoying the smart features, cost-savings and environment safety opportunities offered by our solutions.

Beyond the daily headlines, the rich information available in newspapers can help enrich your knowledge and understanding about your clients and prospects; your industry; and even your competitors.

“Newspapers can inspire ideas and insights that will improve your existing assessments, strategy and productivity.”

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Our Track Record:

Our typical clients are C-Level Executives, Managers or Professional in Operations, Marketing, Branding, Product Development, Research, Finance, Customer Service or Sales across various industries in the Private, Public or Not-For-Profit Sectors. Below is the snapshot of our prominent organizational clients.

Our Serviced Sector and Industry Distribution:

Our individual and organizational clients cut across various industries. The Pie Chart below shows the different industries and the distribution of our clients within these industries.

Our Existing E-Paper Solutions include:

  • Daily E-Papers for Individuals – Allow you access to the complete digital edition of major Nigerian Newspapers seamlessly on your electronic devices, and offers you the flexibility of reading your newspapers at your convenience, while saving over 75% of the current costs of print newspapers.

  • Daily E-Papers for Organizations – Our corporate plan is for medium and large organizations who want to grant their executives and decision makers from various locations (home and abroad), timely, smart and convenient access to the daily digital newspapers through a single corporate user account.

  • Digital Archives Services – This is an innovative way to access digital collection past newspapers through a user-friendly cloud-based interface. Our Archive Service is best suited for libraries, educational institutions, and researchers across various sectors.

  • Sign-up for a 7-Day Trial of the Daily E-Papers – Get started with your personal e-paper experience with a complementary 7-day access to your favorite newspaper.

E-Paper Vendor Contact Details:

E-Paper Vendor is a Registered Trademark of Learning Impact NG, a leading provider of workplace learning and strategic human resources consulting solutions in Nigeria.

Suite 3D Adisa Plaza,
39 David Ejoor Crescent,
Gudu, Abuja, Nigeria
0809 536 8967, 0901 886 3757
[email protected], [email protected]

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