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This is the Privacy Policy between Learning Impact NG (owners of EPaper Vendor), a company limited by guarantee registered under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of Nigeria RC 894913 (with registered address at No. 6 David Mark Close, Behind Adisa Estate, Gudu District, Abuja) and you. The policy represents our commitment to protecting the private data you provided to us via our web platform, mobile and desktop applications.

1.0 Scope of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy which covers all our websites, platforms and services has outlined your privacy rights with regards to the collection of your personal data on our platforms, our usage and storage of your data, as well as the protection of your personal data. This Privacy Policy applies to your usage of our platforms and the respective services, except when there is an alternative binding contract between Learning Impact NG (owners of EPaper Vendor) and you. We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time by sharing the new policy updates on our platforms, and duly notifying users, at least, 7-days before the new updates become effective.

2.0 Confirmation

Your access details and sensitive information provided via the platform during registration or as a form of verification are confidential information, and must be adequately protected from any third party, and in cases where you have reasons to believe that someone else is in possession of your access details, ensure to promptly notify our technical team via +234 809 536 8967 or [email protected] By proceeding with the usage of this application, you are confirming that you have reviewed and agree to comply with the provisions of this Privacy Policy. Note that any user account whom we deemed to have failed to adequately comply with our privacy and distribution policies will be immediately suspend or remove from the platform, pending further review.

3.0 User Personal Data

There is need for us to collect and retain personal data from you through your network devices, mobile devices and personal computers, in order to allow you appropriate access to our platforms and for us to deliver the required services. The personal data we collect from you includes but not limited to your personal account information (name, email, phone number), publication and access preferences, your roles and official position, organization and industry details, transactions history, cookies-provided data, web log data, access device details and IP addresses, geolocation data, web traffic sources, website usage statistics, images and motion pictures, as well as public data provided by third party platforms (such as social media, professional bodies, directories, etc.).

4.0 Data Usage Details

Our purpose of collecting your personal data includes but not limited to contacting you for service-related purposes, verifying your identity, ensuring the secured and safe usage of our platforms for all users, improve and enhance the services we deliver to you, provide responsive and personalized response to your needs and requests, as well as measure and track our service performance. The personal data we collected using COOKIES allows our platforms to track your activities and usage for a defined period, so that we can better present you with personalized experiences and service options.

Note that we are authorized to use your reviews, shared experiences, testimonies, and public usage information about our company and services for promotional purposes.

5.0 Data Protection

The personal data we collect from you are safely stored and processed on our office computers, platform servers, or physical record systems, depending on the nature of data. We have instituted secured digital information controls and physical security measures to protect your data against risks of loss, corruption, misuse, leaks and unauthorized access.

6.0 Data Sharing & Disclosure

Our periodic subscription reports, provided to the publishers of the publications may contain necessary information such as your first name, last name, name abbreviations, and your subscription details, which are required to enable us provide accurate reporting activities on the platforms to our media partners. As part of our agreement, the newspaper publishers may also provide us with relevant information to support with increasing their readership on the platform, this information may include your name, email address, phone number, and newspaper preferences.

In line with the national laws, international laws, and legal proceedings on regulations and crime prevention, we may be compelled by a competent court, legislative and/or regulatory bodies to disclose your data to the appropriate body which is empowered by law to request for the information.

7.0 Permission

You may receive regular notifications, alerts, updates, reports, and relevant information from us with regards to the services we want to deliver, the service we are delivering, or the service had delivered to you. Note that you can notify us immediately if you want to withdraw your consent from receiving any form of these communications.

8.0 Data Security

In line with the global standard as defined by the ISMS, our platforms have incorporated updated physical and digital security measures that ensure encrypted transmission of your data between devices and servers, as well as provide you with secured webpage interaction with our services, as way of preventing and mitigating against any breach or risks to your data privacy.

9.0 User Rights & Responsibilities

We are absolutely committed to the protection of your personal information, and will not disclose them to any third party except required by legal and/or regulatory authorities to do so.

You have the following RIGHTS with regards to your personal data:

  • Request access to copies of your personal information that we possess in accordance with existing Nigeria laws and regulations
  • Request for the correction of inaccurate personal information about you that are in our possession
  • Request to restrict and block processing of your data when in violation of any national laws
  • Lodge complaints to regulatory and legal authorities within Nigeria

Your RESPONSIBILITIES with regards to your personal data includes but not limited to the following:
  • Adopt security conscious measures to prevent the leak or sharing of sensitive platform access details
  • Take necessary preventive measures to ensure the safety of your network, computer and mobile devices from viruses, malwares, and other common electronic threats
  • Only deal with our authorized personnel, and don't provide sensitive details to anyone before you verify their identity

10.0 Governing Laws

This Policy shall be governed by the Nigeria Data Protection Act of 2019, and other laws and regulations that are binding on the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In cases where certain provision within this Privacy Policy failed to comply with binding laws and regulations of Nigeria, such laws and regulations shall take precedence over this Policy.

11.0 Contact Information

If you need any clarifications or enquiries regarding this Privacy Policy and any of its provisions, please contact our team via +234 809 536 8967 or [email protected]

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