Q: How will the EPapers be delivered to me?

The e-papers are made available on our Web Reading Platform and via our Mobile Application every morning, where registered users can sign in using their unique login details to read or download the papers. Note that some newspapers don't allow the download option.

Q: Will the Epapers give me everything in the printed newspaper?

The digital versions of the daily newspapers are exactly like the printed copies, in terms of layouts, contents, arrangements, etc. The EPapers are simply digital copies of the printed newspapers.

Q: What do I need to subscribe?

You will need to register HERE or sign in to your existing account to select your preferred newspapers, and use the available payment options (online & direct transfer) to complete the payment. Your subscription will be activated once the payment has been confirmed, and your login details will be sent to you. Kindly call 0809 536 8967 if you have any challenges with the subscription processes.

Q: Why can't I find my preferred newspaper on your list?

The E-Paper Vendor must enter into a partnership agreement with Publishers before we can distribute their newspapers on our platform. Sadly, not all newspaper publishers are willing to digitize their newspaper distribution process at present. EPaper Vendor will continue to engage with publishers of the unavailable publications with the hope of convincing them to embrace the digital option we offer.

Q: What time of the day are the e-papers delivered?

The EPapers are made available on the platform before 7:00 AM every day. Our upload time is strongly determined by when the publishers made the newspapers available.

Q: Can I download the daily Epapers?

Some papers are downloadable while others are not, both versions can be read on the web platform or through our mobile applications.

The non-downloadable papers are BusinessDay and Daily Trust while the following papers are downloadable and can also be read on the web platform or through our mobile applications.

Thisday Nigerian Tribune Leadership InvestAfrica Magazine
New Telegraph Blueprint Daily Times Leadership Ayau
National Economy The Voice Thisday Style Magazine Blueprint Manhaja

Q: Can I Share copies of my daily Epaper with others?

Our Terms of Service strictly prohibits you from sharing your access details or copies of publications with others, and you are also NOT allowed to store copies of your Daily EPaper on a retrieval alert system for groups of users or single users.

Kindly call 0809 536 8967 or 0901 886 3757 if you need additional information or f you have any inquiries.